Mourinho has peace talks with Adriano at training

Scandal is never too far away in Serie A, and looking to make a mountain out of a molehill the Italian press recently reported that Inter Milan boss jose Mourinho had had a falling out with his troubled Brazilian striker Adriano, fuelling rumours that The Emperor was set to move to Flamengo.

The alleged falling-out came as a result from Adriano’s late return to the Nerazzurri camp after the winter break, with the striker failing to show up on the first day back in training last Friday. And, having regard to Adriano’s recent past which last season saw him spend six months on loan at San Paolo in an effort to find his form, the media were quick to claim that the Brazilian’s latest mistake will cost him his place in the squad.

But when Jose Mourinho actually met up with Adriano, it was clear that the Special One was attempting to defuse the bad press with footage capturing Mourinho taking his striker to one side, talking to him with his hand in front of his face to prevent any lip-reading, before finally patting his striker on the back in an image of reconciliation.

When asked what they talked about, Mourinho comically brushed off the media questions. “We were talking about Julio Cesar, as I went to Rio for two days and I called him so we could get our families together and go to a restaurant. His phone was always switched off, so he left me alone in Rio. If he ever comes to Lisbon, I’ll do the same to him… What on earth would Adriano do at Flamengo? You go to Brazil for a vacation, nothing more. I think Adriano can recover his fitness and certainly play in the upcoming games.”

Mourinho’s meeting with Adriano one the training pitch can be seen here.