Mourinho ends his pre-Steaua presser giving a signed top to the translator, sighs about talking to Chelsea TV

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Jose Mourinho’s press conferences are usually entertaining, and the Special One finished his latest meeting with the media with a couple of quality moments.

Mourinho reportedly gave some very long answers to some of the questions in the Q&A, and after realising how long he had been going on for it dawned upon him that the translator needed to repeat everything he just said in Romanian.

That sparked good relations between the Chelsea manager and the man on his right hand side, and when the presser finally concluded Mourinho took off his Chelsea top, signed it, and handed it as a present to the local translator.

That gesture was followed by a brilliant exchange between Mourinho and the Chelsea media officer at the event.

Mourinho: “We finish?” PR: “No, Chelsea TV now.” Mourinho: “Awww… Chelsea TV, every day!”