Mourinho begins Barcelona talks to bring €10m a season Victor Valdes to Chelsea [Sport]

The next transfer window doesn’t open for over three months but still transfer stories continue to be churned out.

The front page of Spanish daily Sport on Tuesday has the roaring headline: Mourinho quiere a Valdes (Mourinho asks about Valdes).

Inside the article we’re told that Jose Mourinho’s number one target is the Barcelona stopper, and “the Portuguese coach has already moved to know what are the real possibilities” of closing a deal with the Catalans.

The responses have been positive, so the operation is underway.

Petr Cech’s future is unclear at Chelsea… For one reason or another, Mourinho is looking for replacement. And although Thibaut Courtois belongs to the English club and is gaining a great experience at Atletico, his age (21 years) does not convince the Portuguese coach, who considers it essential to have a veteran goalie to win titles. 

Sport, in their all-knowingness, do suggest that there could be one “impediment” to making the deal happen: Victor Valdes is demanding wages of €10m a season. But even that isn’t a problem for Chelsea, say the Spanish tabloid.

[As the] economic wealth Roman Abramovich is beyond doubt, Victor’s salary would be acceptable.


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