MOTD Focus: Alan Hansen on Manchester United’s ill-discipline

Are Manchester United cracking up?

Well, for anyone who has been watching the champions last two league performances – the 4-1 home defeat at the hands of Liverpool followed by falling 2-nil at Fulham yesterday – it isn’t too hard to argue “yes.”

And acting as an indicator of the troubles crippling United it is worth noting that in the last two matches Fergie has had three players red-carded as well as seeing his side concede two penalties.

The topic of United’s ill-discipline was flagged up by chief pundit Alan Hansen on Match of the Day, with the no-nonsense Scot highlighting a series of petulant incidents involving Cristiano Ronaldo as well as reviewing reckless Wayne Rooney’s dismissal right at the death.

With little symapathy for the Red Devils, Alan Hansen’s views can be seen here.