Morocco madness as Nabil Amghar (CRA) studs Adil Serraj (CODM) in the head, only gets a yellow

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

A horrific injury was spotted in the Moroccan top flight last weekend, which incredibly failed to draw a dismissal from the referee.

CODM Meknès beat Chabab Rif Hoceima 2-0 at home, however the hosts victory was spoiled by a horror injury suffered to right-back Adil Serraj.

With eight minutes left on the clock, Adil Serraj cleared a bouncing ball in his own half with a header, but before his clearance had been completed the number two was taken out by a flying karate kick from CRA’s Nabil Amghar.

Amghar, who did make contact with the ball, lifted his leg so high that it crashed into Serraj’s head and instantly busted the defender open.

Despite his dangerous play Amghar was only served with a yellow card, while Serraj was stretchered off with blood gushing from his brow.

Watch Nabil Amghar stud Adil Serraj in the head below.