More reaction to Arsenal 4 – Tottenham 4

24 hours has passed since the game of the Premier League season ended, and reactions to Tottenham’s incredible 4-4 draw at Arsenal are still filtering through.

The first reaction we want to bring you may only be audible, but the sheer excitement in Danny Kelly’s voice as Spurs found their unlikeliest of equalisers is a moment to cherish. Kelly, an avid Tottenham fan who works for Talksport radio, appeared to lose his mind as Lennon’s fourth went in, screaming “I love football! I love it!” before commenting on himself that his behaviour was “so unprofessional.”

Danny Kelly’s outburst can be heard here.

The second reaction comes from Sky Sports’ Fanzone, in which two supporters offer alternative commentary from a biased fan perspective during the live broadcast of the match.

The banter between the Arsenal and Spurs fans was everything you expect from a passionate North London derby affair, with the Tottenham man’s voice becoming ever more high-pitched as the action unfolded. Eventually the Spurs fan’s squeak reached levels that only canines could decipher, as excitement levels peaked during the commentary. To add insult to injury, the Spurs fan then mounted his Gunner co-commentator as the fourth goal went in. (Could anyone imagine if Andy Gray acted in the same fashion to Martin Tyler?)

Fanzone can be seen here.

The final reaction comes from the Sky broadcast from the match as arguably the most biased of all pundits, former cockerel and now the manager’s son, Jamie Redknapp, lost himself as Spurs completed their comeback.

Aside from the footage below, a wound-up Redknapp almost got into fisty-cuffs with his opposite number Alan Smith, at one point turning on his fellow talking head shouting “It’s a foul Smudger. It’s a foul! You’re wrong! I’m not having it.” With tensions running high, emotions exploded when the equaliser hit the back of the net.

See Redknapp’s wild celebrations to Tottenham’s comeback here. (Apologies for the quality of this video.)

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