More football violence as Hajduk Split and Sibenik fans clash

The upward spiral of football violence continued to rise at the weekend, with fans clashing in the big match in Croatia as third-placed Sibenik hosted the local powerhouse Hajduk Split.

The fight broke out on the terraces, with opposition fans somehow congregated in the same area of the stands standing face to face in battle. As several fans began to flee, a group of thugs were clearly seen pulling one victim back before ganging up on their prey and dishing out a beating.

The police soon reacted and moved in, and in almost comical scenes, a large swath of those involved ran back into the stands in an attempt to lose themselves in the sea of innocent supporters standing around. The authorities managed to pinpoint some of the troublemakers, but it seems clear that many got away.

See the fight here.

Highlights of the match, which Hajduk won 2-1, can be seen here.