More footage of the violence in Catalonia

Last night’s Catalonia derby between Espanyol and Barcelona was halted for almost ten minutes in the second half after violence, seemingly provoked by the home fans, broke out in the stands with the ref having little option but to call the players off the pitch.

The footage clearly shows a flare falling from the home supporters into the visiting Barcelona section below, causing the fans to disperse from the burning red flames. When the officials tried to confront the disruptive home fans they were also met with violence as a section of the Espanyol supporters managed to break down a fence and free themselves.

The footage also shows the angry reaction of Barcelona president Joan Laporta as the incident unfolded. Wagging his finger at his fellow hosts sitting in the director’s box, Leporta made his feelings well known to all around, taking particular displeasure when someone touched him on the shoulder.

Footage of the crowd violence and Laporta’s reaction can be seen here.

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