More footage of Arsenal fans fighting around Arsenal Fan TV after the Watford defeat (Video)

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It was a horrible weekend for Arsenal.

The Gunners were dumped out of the FA Cup after a 2-1 home defeat to Watford: a result which many are claiming has ended the club’s season.

Yes, Arsenal are still in the Champions League, however everyone expects them to lose heavily at Barcelona this week.

Moreover, few supporters have any faith that Arsenal can win the title ahead of Spurs of Leicester.

After the Watford game tensions were high, and reports quickly spilled out of a fight between Gooners outside the Emirates.

The fight happened around the Arsenal Fan TV guys.

New footage of the ruckus has now come out, revealing how Arsenal fans ‘almost’ came to blows.

Claude can also be seen in the background.

Watch that video below, together with a second video of the dust-up which came online on Sunday.