More Brazil Nuts: Guaratingueta president Carlos Arini goes for the ref

Maybe the English FA should export the Respect campaign to Brazil.

Earlier in the week we brought you the footage from Brazil of Comercial coach Pedro Santilli assaulting both an opposition player and the referee (see here). And now lightening has struck twice, with Guaratingueta president Carlos Arini going head to head with referee Wallace Nascimento Valente during last night’s Copa do Brasil match with Atletico MG.

The controversy blew up just before the halftime break.

Trailing 1-nil to a second minute goal from Guaru, Atletico MG were awarded a penalty just before the break after ref Valente erred in deciding against Guaratingueta keeper Juninho after a coming together with opposition striker Diego Tadell.

Bearing down on goal, Tadell attempted to take the ball around the keeper, only for the number one to dive at the forward’s feet managing to get both hands onto the ball and avert the danger. But with Tadell tumbling to the floor the match officials made a poor call in blowing up for a penalty, showing the red card to Juninho, before the spot-kick was duly dispatched by the visitors’ number 9.

It was all too much for Guaratingueta’s president Carlos Arini, who proceeded to burst onto the pitch at the break charging straight for the match officials to vent his anger after seeing his side victimised. Enraged, Arini refused to be controlled as both his own Guaratingueta players and the fourth official tried desperately to calm down the owner. For their part, the officials gaggled together under the watchful protection of local armed police.

A stand-off ensued, Arini hurling a barrage of abuse at the referee including calling the man in black a “thief” and shouting that Valente had “no shame” for his poor decision, before eventually being man-handled off the pitch as order was slowly restored.

The match ended 2-all.

Highlights of Guaratingueta president Carlos Arini going nuts can be seen here.