Montreal Impact kids wow Didier Drogba with incredible dance moves (Video)

drogba wowed by kids dancemoves, oct 2015

Didier Drogba has started life in Montreal brilliantly, scoring nine goals in his first nine games for the Major League Soccer side. Naturally, such exploits have ingratiated him further with fans.

A charismatic outspoken forward, Drogba’s personality is part of his appeal to fans of whatever team he’s playing for. In the latest Montreal Impact video, we see Drogba’s leadership qualities.

He brought a load of players from the Montreal youth academy into the first team into the first team dressing room before promptly forcing them to dance for their place in the sacred haven.

It turned out to be an inspired command because nearly all of the youngsters were tremendously talented dancers with Drogba congratulating one kid in particular for his fluid handstand-worm move.

Prepare to be wowed by how talented the kids in the video below are.