Monaco announce Radamel Falcao has completed 1st phase of recovery from knee operation

Ligue 1 title challengers Monaco updated on the injury comeback of Radamel Falcao today on their website.

Monaco announced: “Radamel Falcao finished successfully today the first phase of the recovery further to the operation of the left knee. AS Monaco FC and the player would like to thank all the people who took care of Falcao to Porto, in particular the medical department of Doctor Jose Carlos Noronha and club of FC Porto.”

The statement continued: “Radamel Falcao is going to pursue from this Thursday the 2nd phase of his recovery in the sport clinic in Madrid in close collaboration with the medical department of AS Monaco FC.”

It says a lot about the current facilities at Monaco that Falcao has been at Porto and now heading to Madrid for recuperation.

But, all signs do point to Falcao perhaps making it to the 2014 World Cup which will no doubt be greatly received by football fans across the globe eager to see Colombia and El Tigre at the biggest show on earth.

Certainly, Falcao’s recent Instagram posts suggest all is going well, including some knee work, and birthday celebrations with doctors and his family.