Miss of the Week: Atsushi Yanagisawa (Vegalta Sendai) vs Nagoya Grampus Eight

Although Atsushi Yanagisawa takes the bulk of the humiliation from the following clip, Nagoya keeper Yoshinari Takagi comes off a close second.

Saturday in Japan coughed up a quick-fire calamity sequence in the match between Nagoya and Vegalta Sendai.

Already 1-up, visitors Sendai had the chance to stretch their lead in the 37th minute after a horrific blunder by home keeper Takagi. With all the time in the world to clear a long punted clearance that dropped his way, the number 50 dillied and dallied for no good reason, and he was made to look a fool when Yanagisawa robbed him of possession.

From there it looked a certainty that Yanagisawa would score. All he had to do was slot in a 20-yard shot into an unguarded net.

Yet amazingly doofus Yanagisawa missed the target.

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