Miss of the Season: Jose Carlos Fernandez (Alianza Lima) v Universitario

This season we’ve witnessed some cracking misses. There has been Dinamo Zagreb’s centre-forward Ilija Sivonjic save on the line, British non-league striking legend Rocky Baptiste’s insane miss from the goalline, and Dani’s unbelievable Ronny Rosenthal inspired blooper for Real Betis.

While all those screw-ups were horrific in their own right, they all shared the same quality that the man at the centre of the action hit the ball but ultimately missed.

Bucking that trend, however, we can bring you yet another contender for the worst miss of the season as we highlight action from last weekend’s Peruvian league match between local powerhouses Alianza Lima and Universitario.

The incident came about after Lima’s right winger Oscar Vilchez managed to brilliantly keep a ball in play on the byline after a cross into the mixer had been glanced almost out of bounds. With all the Universitario defenders stranded, Vilchez’s hooked cross managed to amazingly stay in play and drop bang-smack in the middle of the goal, where striker Jose Carlos Fernandez was standing.

All he had to do was make some contact on the ball to carry it over the line. The ball was begging to be touched!

But, like a kid suffering from stage-fright, Fernandez froze in the moment. He simply didn’t move as the ball bounced agonisingly next to him. That offered Universitario keeper Raul Fernandez Valverde just enough time to get back on his feet and knock the ball behind for a corner, and the chance went begging.

Jose Carlos Fernandez’s nightmarish rabbit-in-the-headlights moment can be seen here.