Miss of the Season: Dani (Real Betis) vs Salamanca

While Zlatan’s miss was terrible, it wasn’t a patch on the mistake made by Dani in the Real Betis-Salamanca match in Spain’s second division on Saturday.

No words can do justice for the unbelievably bad miss from the 29-year-old Verdiblancos striker, who should probably be thinking about hanging up his boots after missing a chance that even Ronny Rosenthal wouldn’t have missed in his heyday.

With Betis leading 1-nil, the visitors all but gave up on conceding a second when Sergio Garcia broke on the halfway-line to head straight for the Salamanca goal with not a defender in sight. Rather, Garcia was seemingly aided by fellow strike-partner Dani in the attack, with the pair passing the ball between themselves when eventually confronted by the visiting goalie (who himself appeared to surrender the second goal with his totally apathetic body language).

Seven yards out. Goal-gaping. And with time and space to remove any sort of miss-saving excuse.

Dani’s unbelievable miss can be seen here.


The other main candidates for the 2009/10 miss of the season market include Dinamo Zagreb’s centre-forward Ilija Sivonjic and British non-league striking legend Rocky Baptiste.