Mini brawl breaks out at the end of Spain – Finland, David Silva & Niklas Moisander booked

It got a little heated in the closing stages of Spain’s 1-1 draw with in Gijon Finland on Friday night.

Desperately chasing the winner ahead of their trip to Paris on Tuesday, La Roja were virtually encamped inside the Finnish area in the final minutes.

With the ball pinballing around the box, Finnish keeper Jari Mäenpää went to grab the ball, and just as he had it under control, David Silva poked his foot at him in an attempt to prise it out of his hand.

All hell broke loose as several Finns went at Silva, accusing him of dirty play.

Captain Niklas Moisander had to be pulled away from Silva by his teammates, with El Chino innocently claiming he was only going for the ball.

Once order was restored, both David Silva and Niklas Moisander were booked.

Watch the mini brawl that broke out at the end of Spain 1 – Finland 1 below.

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