Mind Games! Fergie goads City for ’21 penalties in the last year’; Mancini replies with super dig on Fergie, saying he has 14 years to win the Champions League

Let the mind games commence!

30 minutes earlier across at Carrington, Ferguson had got the seasonal mind games going with a reference to the number of penalties Man City are being awarded.

”Twenty-one in the last year, isn’t it?”If we were to get that number of penalty kicks there would be an inquiry in the House of Commons! There would be a protest.”

When told about this at his own Friday presser, Bobby MC hit back. Roberto Mancini put Man City’s Champions League exit into perspective by comparing himself to Ferguson’s early struggles to win Ol’ Big Ears. Placing great emphasis on the number of years, Mancini exclaimed,

”…Ferguson won his first Champions League after FOURTEEN years… (so) I have another 12 years to win the Champions League!”

Grinning like the Cheshire cat that got the cream, a visibly delighted-with-himself Mancini struggled to keep a straight face and cracked an outrageous smirk that will have wound Fergie up no end!

Final score : 1-1.