Millwall fans fighting each other & the police at Wembley – new fan footage emerges

When the shocking scenes at Wembley were played out to the watching world, it was mentioned that some of the footage of Millwall fans fighting each other and the police was held back from being shown.

Wigan’s 2-0 victory over Millwall was completely overshadowed by scenes not seen at Wembley for some time and such is the high usage of smart phones with cameras these days, that fan footage was always destined to appear on YouTube.

As those who were at Wembley have pointed out, the fighting went on for some time before the cameras panned over to the Millwall end.

Some suggest it started in the 60th minute with the TV cameras only panning over some 20 minutes later.

The first video below shows the fighting that took place in the Millwall end, with police and stewards simply watching on as those that didn’t want to get involved moved away. At the every end of this clip the police do finally intervene and are pushed back by the hooligans.

The second video is from a higher angle opposite the fighting – in particular watch out for one man taking a serious tumble at 2.58.

Finally, the third clip is from closer in, but is of worse quality than the previous two but still gives you a fair idea of what were disgraceful scenes.