Milan owner Berlusconi: ‘I wanted to sell Balotelli to English club for €35m, but after his World Cup, who’ll pay that?!’

AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi’s always had a bit of a chequered relationship with striker Mario Balotelli, and he’s re-lit the fire once more as Balo looks set for the San Siro exit.

With Milan more or less resigned to selling Balotelli due to their dire financial straits, the Rossoneri were seemingly all set to offload Mario for around €35m to an English club (who many feel is Arsenal).

But that was before the World Cup.

With Balotelli having, well, not exactly flopped (1 goal) but certainly not lighting Brazil up, Milan owner has now voiced his concern that his striker’s value has depreciated since Italy’s crashing out of the World Cup group stages.

Berlusconi told the Italian media today:

It’s not just Italy that lost the World Cup, I lost out too.

Because I was planning on selling Balotelli to an English club for €35million, but seeing his World Cup (performance), who would buy him for that much?’

A classic Berlusconian moment, but a pretty daft one from Italy’s most successful businessman and media mogul. Why play into buyers’ hand like that?!

Not to mention the disrespect to Balo.

(Via Repubblica Italia )