Mikael Silverstre leads the “All-Stars For Hope”

He may not be the most obvious choice, but Mikael Silverstre has taken it upon himself to take the lead role in organising the “All-Stars For Hope” charity match, which is set to take place in New York in June.

According to the Sun, players who have confirmed their place in Silvestre’s European All-Stars squad include Ronaldo (Man United), Henry (Barcelona), Anelka (Chelsea), Drogba (Chelsea), Sagna (Arsenal), Makelele (PSG), Adebayor (Arsenal), Lampard (Chelsea), Clichy (Arsenal), Almunia (Arsenal), Dabo (Lazio), Vieira (Internazionale), Giggs (Man United) and Gallas (Arsenal).

Silvestre set up his charity with the specific purpose of building schools around the world, with several schools having already been erected in Niger and Guinea. Now the charity is looking to expand its reach, seeking financing for additional schools to be built om Laos, parts of South America and even the United States.

To learn more about the All Stars for Hope Weekend and to purchase tickets, visit Allstarsforhope.org.

The promotional video for “All-Stars For Hope” match, lead by Silverstre and featuring appearances from many of the players who have agreed to be involved, can be seen here.