Micky Quinn reacts to a newspaper report that an Arsenal fan prefers him up-front to Nicklas Bendtner

One of the biggest talking points for venting Arsenal fans following their limp defeat to Chelsea in the Capital One Cup has been to focus their anger on wayward striker Nicklas Bendtner.

Bendtner, who by most accounts should be long gone from the Emirates, got a rare outing for Arsene Wenger against the Blues, but the forward blew him chance to impress.

Looking to ram home just how disappointing Bendtner was, one English paper has run with the story of an Arsenal fan who begged Micky Quinn – the now 51-year-old oversized ex-pro – to get on the pitch instead of nincompoop Nicklas.

The paper wrote:

[Bendtner] barely touched the ball in the first 45 minutes which prompted on Arsenal fan to turn to former Newcastle striker Micky Quinn, who was in the press box to ask him if he could come on instead of Bendtner. 

Now Micky Quinn has got involved in the debate with a nice self deprecating message on Twitter (see above).

Listen to Arsenal fan Bully ripping into Nicklas Bendtner below.