Michael Wilbon tells USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann to ‘Get the hell out of America’ for questioning Kobe [Video]

Things are really hotting up Stateside over Jurgen Klinsmann’s World Cup squad.

The German US coach has come under serious scrutiny for leaving USA hero Landon Donovan out of his World Cup squad, with the masses believing he’ll have to back up the decision with a very strong tournament, or else pay the penalty.

Klinsmann defended himself in a New York Times interview, saying that the clamour around Donovan is symptomatic of the largesse prevalent in US sports, where veteran stars are all too often rewarded for what they’ve done, not what they can still do and offer.

Klinsmann cited the example of NBA star Kobe Bryant being rewarded a new multi-million dollar contract despite his advanced age, drawing parallels with Donavan’s situation.

The risque questioning of Kobe, and speaking of a sport he’s not involved in, has provoked the wrath of NBA followers, with commentator Michael Wilbon embarking on a wild xenophobic rant live on ESPN.

Wilbon said: ‘I’ve known Kobe Bryant for some time, and YOU Mr Klinsmann, are no damn Kobe Bryant.

Oh now you wanna tell all American sports how to work?

 Get out of America! Get the hell out of America! 

Watch Michael Wilbon’s mad xenophobic rant against German Jurgen Klinsmann below.


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