Michael Owen attracts a wave of abuse after the ex-Liverpool player joins The Sun newspaper

Until this day most people in the city of Liverpool refuse to buy The Sun newspaper after the tabloid’s shameful and disgraceful reporting of the Hillsborough disaster over twenty years ago.

The boycott of The Sun goes back to April 1989 after The Sun spread lies and inaccuracies claiming that drunken Liverpool fans urinated on and picked the pockets of the dead, hampered rescue efforts and attacked policemen during the Hillsborough tragedy in which 96 Reds fans lost their lives.

As is now known, The Sun’s report, labelled “The Truth”, was anything but.

Within that context, many Liverpool fans have reacted with outrage after news broke on Tuesday night that former Scouse striker Michael Owen has agreed to become a columnist for the red-top.

Owen, 33 and now retired, played 216 games for Liverpool scoring 118 goals.

A series of angry reactions to the news Michael Owen has joined The Sun’s payroll are below.

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