Mexico coach Miguel Herrera accused of assaulting journalist Christian Martinoli in Philly airport [Tweets]

A big story is breaking out of the Americas on Monday.

Sunday was a historic night for Mexico, as El Tri beat Jamaica 3-1 in the Gold Cup final.

Andres Guardado, Jesus Corona and Oribe Peralta were the Mexican goalscoring heroes on the night.

The happy occasion has reportedly turned sour today, as Mexican coach Miguel Herrera has been accused of assaulting journalist Christian Martinoli in Philadelphia airport.

The story was broken by TV Azteca’s David Medrano, who is the colleague of the reported victim, Martinoli.

The details of the alleged fracas are brilliant and comical at the same time.

Martinoli is widely considered to be a critic of the Mexican team and coach Herrera in particular.

This morning, at around 7:20 am, Herrera, his daughter and some other people in their entourage who were wearing “civilian clothes”, ran in to Martinoli and Medrano in the Delta line at the airport.

All the travellers checked their bags in, but as they went up an escalator to get to passport control, Herrera reportedly turned around and threw a punch at Martinoli.

As Herrera is rather short though, rather than hitting Martinoli in the face, he hit him in the neck.

Martinoli also accuses Herrera’s daughter of slapping him in the incident.

Below are tweets on the breaking story.

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