Mexican ref Marco Antonio Rodriguez nets a 5 game ban for showboating

Mexico’s FA this week banned referee Marco Antonio Rodriguez for his showboating antics during last season’s Apertura final between Tigres-Santos.

The second leg of the final, held in December 2011, was a complete mess from an officiating standpoint as ref Rodriguez splashed seven yellow cards and three red cards during the 90 minutes. One incident, however, stood out from the rest in the farce.

After finding reason to book Tigres striker Hector Mancilla and Santos’ Carlos Morales in the 56th minute, the man in black (or pink, to be precise) flamboyantly flashed two yellow cards at the same time.

The visually preposterous image of Rodriguez simultaneously holding up two yellows has now landed him in hot water.

This week secretary general of the Mexican Football Federation, Decio de Maria, announced the five game ban for Rodriguez, commenting “he showed two yellow cards at the same time and that’s not something that is considered in the arbitration duties.”

Watch Rodriguez’s ban-inducing double booking here.