Mexican midfielder Gullit Peña (Leon) has tweeted saying that he told his club President he is joining Arsenal

News broke on Sunday night that Arsenal had signed Mexican midfielder Gullit Peña from his club side Leon, and at first sight the source of the story seemed pretty reliable.

The 23-year-old midfielder was asked on Twitter whether rumours suggesting that he was moving to Arsenal were true, and on Saturday Peña replied in an open book fashion saying that indeed the rumours were accurate.

Peña’s exact comment on rumours linking him to Arsenal was “Yes! I’ve just inform the [Leon] President.”

Immediately news spread like wildfire across social networks, and Arsenal fans began digging around to find out who their new signing is and what he would bring to their team.

There was only one problem with the story however. It was a prank.

December 28th, the day Peña announced his move to Arsene Wenger’s side, is Mexico’s version of April’s Fools Day, and thus Peña’s comments were simply a joke.

Video evidence of Gullit Peña in action can be seen below.