Mexican fan tells how Kun Aguero, Di Maria & Zabaleta signed his shirt, but Lionel Messi refused autograph [Video]

This Mexican fan thought all of his Christamses had come at once when he accidentally stumbled across a group of the Albiceleste team while working (or staying) at their hotel.

The El Tri fan is also an Argentina fan, and happened to have his World Cup shirt with him, and when he came across Messi, Kun Aguero, Di Maria and others, the starstruck Mexican tells how they all signed the shirt for him, but that ‘Messi didn’t want to sign for me’.

The TV reporter, unable to comprehend this, double checks and asks the Mexican, ‘But Messi’s name isn’t there, no?’, to which he replies and reiterates, ‘No, Messi didn’t want to, but I got a picture of him!’

He tells how Kun Aguero went out of his way to give him an autograph, telling security to ease off, and that Di Maria joined him, but Messi didn’t want to.

The camera then gives a close-up of the 6 signatures he managed to get, including Zabaleta’s.

Sounds like a certain someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed…

(Video Translation + Post, Paul Morrissey )