Mesut Ozil speaks exclusively to Bild, says “I’m happy with my first season” at Arsenal [Quotes]

Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil has given a fresh interview with German tabloid Bild on Thursday.

With the season at the Emirates drawing to a close, and with the World Cup just around the corner, Bild spoke to Ozil to get his thoughts on his first year in the Premier League and his hopes before Brazil 2014.

Ozil’s interview with Bild went as follows:

Bild: Mr. Ozil, in a month the World Cup begins. It will be playing in difficult conditions. Is that a problem?

Ozil: When I stand on the pitch and the whole world is looking at me, I will forget the heat and humidity. Then I can have fun like a little boy. We will cope with the weather. 

Bild: What’s your condition for the national team?

Ozil: I’ve had ups and downs, but I’m satisfied. Arsenal haven’t won a title for ten years, and next Saturday we can win the FA Cup. For me that would be for me the third cup victory in the third country. 

BildFirst you were Arsenal’s savior., but after the second leg of the Champions League tie against Bayern you were accused in England of going absent in important games. Did that hurt?

Ozil: No, sometimes that happens. In Munich I was injured after three minutes, but wanted to continue playing. I’m happy with my first season.

Bild: Are you mature enough to lead Germany to the World Cup title?

Ozil: Football is a team sport. I want to do my part, but we have to work as a collective. There are some teams that are among the favorites.

Bild: Even Germany?

Ozil: Of course, we want to be world champions. A third place or playing good football is no longer enough for us.

Bild: Bayern failed in the Champions League crashing out to Real. Does this have negative consequences for the World Cup?

Ozil: I do not think. They will have time to digest it. In 2010 Bayern lost the Champions League final and then we played a great World Cup.

Bild: If Germany wins the World Cup, will you marry Mandy?

Ozil: First, I will focus on the World Cup. Then I’ll go on a beautiful ​​holiday. What happened after that, I do not know yet.