Messidependencia: Goalscorer Alexis Sanchez snubbed by Barça teammates v Sevilla, assister Lionel Messi congratulated instead

Poor Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean couldn’t have scored in a brothel with a fistful of vouchers last season, and even though he’s started this season well, his confidence is still very fragile and he needs all the moral support he can get.

But it looks like he shouldn’t hold his breath while waiting for that to come from his Barcelona teammates, if his injury time winner last Saturday was anything to go by.

Alexis scored the winner in extremely dramatic circumstances – in injury time just moments after Barça had conceded an equaliser, and, naturally, he began wheeling away in anticipation of being mobbed by the lads.

But he’d forgotten who’d set him up.

Leo Messi had danced his way into the box to square the ball for Alexis, and in a moment which simultaneously illustrated just how much power Messi now wields inside the dressing room while also showing just how low down the rankings old Alexis is, everyone flocked to Messi, and snubbed the man who’d scored the goal!

Not quite everyone – Neymar instinctively began running to Alexis, but when he noticed everyone flocking to worship Messi, he too made like a sheep and kowtowed to the Messi dictat.

Once Alexis realised he’d been left on his Jack Jones, he awkwardly shuffled over to the Messi love-in.

Intriguingly, Alexis is one of the players El Confidencial reported to be a target of Messi’s training ground insults and tantrums, and this moment against Sevilla is another clue into what really goes on behind the Camp Nou’s closed doors.

Watch the moment goalscorer Alexis was snubbed for assister Lionel Messi by their Barcelona teammates on the clip below.

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