Messi and Neymar were man-marked for Suarez’s missed penalty vs Sporting Gijon (Video)

messi man marked vs gijon, feb 2016

Sporting Gijon didn’t take any chances against Barcelona when the Catalan giants won a penalty on their patch.

A few short days after Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez got the world talking when they combined for a pass penalty, Gijon made sure that they didn’t strike again by man-marking Messi and Neymar while it was being taken!

As odd as it looked, fair play to them for blocking out that possibility. But couldn’t anyone run up and finish it off. You don’t need to be a world class striker to finish from point blank range.

See Gijon defend against the pass penalty in the video below.

Video| Messi marked by 2 Gijon defenders when Suárez was taking the penalty.


Sporting Gijon