Mentality Shift: Theo Walcott confidently states that Arsenal can win the title on Football Focus

Much ink has been spilled over the years in an effort to explain how Arsenal have failed to win any silverware in a decade, with such talented squads and such strong starts.

The reason, as is even readily admitted by manager Arsene Wenger, has been bottle, or lack thereof – they’ve lacked leadership, the strong men of old, and battling spirit when the going gets tough.

But the mentality looks to have really shifted this season, as this Theo Walcott (one of the chief culprits) interview with Football Focus shows.

His confident, fighting talk is a sight to behold and light years apart from the shy, callow youth of his earlier years.

Walcott emphatically states that Arsenal can win the title with a big fat grin on his face, showing a confidence that will delight Gooners everywhere.

Theo explains the change in mentality to the added leadership in the squad, and the fact that everyone, even the younger players have ‘stepped it up’ this year.

Watch Walcott’s emphatically confident interview, confirming Arsenal can win the title, on the clip below.

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