Mental Story! Former Valencia president Juan Soler is arrested for trying to kidnap his successor Vicente Soriano

The most bonkers story of the day comes from Valencia, Spain.

Juan Soler, the former president of Valencia CF, has today been arrested by police for the attempted kidnapping of his successor at the Mestalla, Vicente Soriano.

For the record, Vicente Soriano is also now no longer the president of Los Che. That honour currently belongs to Amadeo Salvo.

Soler was arrested with another man on Tuesday night, locked up overnight in jail, and brought before a court on Wednesday where he was charged with attempted kidnap.

According to reports, Soler is accused of having hired a mercenary for around 100,000 euros to kidnap the former president, while the man at the centre of the scandal has so far decided not to open his mouth as is his constitutional right to silence.

Incredibly, despite the heavy charges Soler was granted bail, however the accused was also slapped with a restraining order against Vicente Soriano as the two figures at the centre of the scandal live as neighbours in the same area.

A picture of Juan Soler (left) and Vicente Soriano (right) can be seen below.