Mental! A crazed Galatasaray fan delivered a sliding tackle from behind on Didier Drogba at training

A mad incident occurred at Galatasaray training on Thursday.

As the Turkish champions opened their training session up for fans on an sunny day in Istanbul, but one supporter abused the privilege of seeing the Galatasaray players up-close-and-personal when he delivered a sliding tackle from behind on Didier Drogba.

Just after the training started, a fan, a 20-something looking male, entered the field abruptly, ran among players towards Drogba, and crashed into Ivorian after loosing his balance.

It is unknown whether the fan intended to assault Drogba or if it was just a terrible mistake, but after leaving the striker hobbling from the blind-sided attack, the fan was given a brutal kicking from a large security man as several burly men quickly appeared on the scene.

Watch the crazed Galatasaray fan take out Didier Drogba at training below.

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