Memphis Depay ‘shocks’ Manchester United management & teammates by arriving to training in new Rolls

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There’s an unwritten rule about driving flash cars as a footballer: you need to earn the status.

So even in the modern game, which turns teenagers into overnight multi-millionaires, a young player is expected to keep a low profile, and ensure his car is not as flash as the senior players.

But Memphis Depay isn’t one to go along with convention, the Dutchman turning up to training today with his Christmas present – a brand new Rolls Royce.

In the wake of the Boxing Day defeat to Stoke, in which his mistake played a major part, it was quite an audacious move by the 21-year-old, and the sight of him rolling into work in a spanking Rolls ‘shocked’ management and teammates, according to the Sunday People.

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Memphis’ flash lifestyle and bling fashion sense have raised eyebrows already this season, but despite already getting a talk from Ryan Giggs, it looks like he’s not about to change for anyone.

Zero fucks given.

Louis van Gaal

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