Meet the two Brazilian girls who are completely obsessed with Brazilian star Neymar [Video]

Two Brazilian girls, Gabriella Lima and Lanny, have hit the headlines for their complete obsession with Brazilian star Neymar.

Cameras went into the bedroom of Gabriella Lima, 18, to show how the Neymar crazed fan have has covered every inch of of wall space with pictures of her favourite footballer.

The fan also has two life-size cardboard cutouts of Neymar, one in a cow suit, in her room.

The girls spoke to Ruptly about their love for NEymar:

Gabriella Lima: “Neymar makes us feel very happy because all his achievements are made as our own. We often help him to be liked through poll, and he reciprocates very well with his affection, he conquers our hearts.. My dream is to hug him and never let go.”

Lanny: “Mine is to have five minutes with him and talk about all I feel for him, but I think at the time I would not be able to say anything.”

21-year-old Neymar has scored 30 goals in 47 games for Brazil.