Mayhem at Galatasary as Elano arrives, while Robinho is saddened by City’s sale (video)

Turkey really needs to learn how to unveil a new signing in an orderly fashion.

Chaotic scenes welcomed Elano to Galatasary after the Brazilian midfielder completed his £8 million move from Manchester City, with a hungry mob of supporters and press found bundling the star and his entourage as the player tried to enter a make his way into the club’s enterance.

Questions must be asked as to why Gala didn’t simply section off the area so that the footballer could pass untroubled. But with that said the scenes also showed off the unbridled euphoria and passionate love Turkish fans have for their clubs – even if to many it may seem just a little too aggressive.

Not everyone was so happy about Elano’s transfer, as Robinho has spoken about Manchester City’s decision to sell his fellow countryman.

Robinho: “I am very sad to see Elano go because he was a team mate and has been a friend for many years. I understand the decision but I always believed that he would be part of this project. I never believed the rumours and I will miss our dinners and meetings. I wish and believe that Elano will be king at his new club. City have made some great signings and it has been made complicated for some players. But I have spoken many times with the coach and praised Elano but it was the decision of the club and impossible to change.”

Video footage of Elano arriving at Galatasary can be seen here.