Maybe Deschamps was right to cut Man City man: Nasri & Ribery used to bully Valbuena over shortness [Quotes]

These quotes from Mathieu Valbuena aren’t from last night, or even this World Cup, but they’re arguably more relevant than ever in the context of Samir Nasri’s exclusion from Didier Deschamps’ squad due to doubts over his attitude.

Valbuena, who scored for France last night, is becoming a key player for Les Bleus, and it’s rather ironic that it’s he, and neither Ribery nor Nasri, who’s gone on a more pivotal player for Les Bleus.

Valbuena told the French media about the systematic teasing and hazing he had to put up with from Nasri and Ribery when he first arrived at Marseille, and it really paints the Manchester City man in a bad light.

The pair used to gang up on Valbuena and mock him over his shortness (1.52 metres).

“When I see them at the national side get-togethers, I prefer to make light of what went on because the story is over.’

“Despite it being over, I still have a bad memory of what went on. To be systematically singled out for bad jokes really hurts.

“Nobody else in the dressing room would have put up being targeted like I was. I was not ready to be subjected to that. I was too nice, but I am now made of harder stuff.’

If that’s the kind of ‘banter’ Nasri gets up to, maybe Didier Deschamps was right to leave the Man City midfielder out after all.