Mauro Camoranesi punches the crap out of Juan Pablo Rodriguez (Lanus – All Boys)

Amir Khan wasn’t the only sportsman to land a knock-out punch over the weekend.

As the Argentinean season prepares to restart on August 7th, a friendly match between Lanus and All Boys descended into chaos as Mauro Camoranesi and Juan Pablo Rodriguez came to blows on Saturday.

According to reports, the catalyst for the punch-up came after Camoranesi embarrassed Rodriguez with a nifty piece of skill. The ex-Italian international was said to have executed a perfect sombrero over his opponent. Then, unhappy at being made to look a fool, Rodriguez squared up to Camoranesi and within seconds the pair were trading blows.

Once again Camoranesi came out on top.

Landing a perfect right jab on Rodriguez’s kisser, Camoranesi instantly gained the upper hand in the fist-fight. That left the All Boys midfielder even more irate, but he was unable to exact much revenge on his opponent as players from both sides quickly stepped in to keep the warring twosome apart.

As a result of the violence, the match was brought to an early end.

Watch Mauro Camoranesi punch the lights out of Juan Pablo Rodriguez here.