Mass brawl breaks out at end of Egypt-Algeria Military Games final

Major post-match scuffles between teams in the Middle East is nothing new – earlier this month we featured the Lebanon-Kuwait mass brawl.

And certainly Egypt and Algeria have been at it before – most notably in the qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup which ignited a diplomatic row between the two countries.

The latest scuffle occurred following Algeria’s 1-0 final victory at the Military Games in Brazil on Saturday. Following the final whistle, Egypt striker Ahmed Eid (pictured left) was not a happy bunny.

Eid, visibly steaming, simply charged up to an Algerian player and Kung-Fu kicked him in the back, setting off an almighty brawl, seemingly involving both sets of teams, substitutes and coaching staff.

Footage of the latest Egypt-Algeria mass brawl is here.