Marseille’s Mamadou Niang slaps a fan in a bout of road rage (video)

Marseille maybe top of the French league, but striker and captain Mamadou Niang could be in a lot of trouble after he was caught on camera cuffing a supporter after an altercation following training.

As Naing was pulling away from the training ground in his slick black Ferrari, hoards of supporters waiting outside gathered around the vehicle making it difficult for the footballer to drive through. In the melee, an over-enthusiastic fan went too far as he decided to smack the bonnet of Niang’s expensive supercar, which immediately caused the forward to screech to a halt and confront the civilian.

With tens of fans on the scene, a heated exchange between Niang and the fan kicked off with the footballer heard shouting “F**k! Why did you slap the car!”

Tensions rapidly escalated, peaking when an eye witnessed caught Niang slapping the fan in the face.

Footage of the incident can be seen here.