Mario Balotelli tweets ‘kkk’ (Portuguese ‘lol’), stupidly accused of racism

Twitter greenhorn Mario Balotelli has only made 544 tweets, but his handle is already mirroring the madness of his real life.

The Azzurri striker paid an unexpected visit to the Bahia favelas on Friday evening (apparently against the advice of management), and was mobbed by kids as he walked the streets.

Clearly moved and surprised to meet so many black Brazilians who physically resemble him, Balo tweeted, ‘I look like a person from Bahia! kkk’, ‘kkk’ being the Portuguese MSN/internet way of expressing laugher, like the English ‘lol’.

This was unfortunately taken up wrong by people unfamiliar with the Portuguese use, and confused it with the white supremacist racist group the  Klu Klux Clan.

What was actually said back to Balotelli is not visible, but it was clearly of a racist nature, as he tweeted moments later, ‘Kkk mean OK! Racist group cn f** their self!’

Just another pleasant evening on Twitter then.