Mario Balotelli misses a penalty (finally), Pepe Reina saves, end is nigh jokes abound

Napoli’s 2-1 win over AC Milan will be remembered for one thing: Mario Balotelli finally missed a penalty.

In 26 previous attempts, Mario Balotelli had scored all the penalties he had taken as a professional.

To say Super Mario missed is a little unfair, as Pepe Reina made an excellent save with the former Liverpool keeper in inspired form at the San Siro.

Two facts will likely be forgotten in the aftermath of the penalty FAIL:

1. Mario Balotelli was excellent against Napoli and didn’t deserve to be on the losing side. The fact he scored a sublime goal late on and then got sent off after the match had finished, pretty much sums up the Italian striker.

2. Napoli are still unbeaten in Serie A and Rafa Benitez’s side could well challenge at home and in the Champions League this season.

Reina did brilliantly to hold his ground and wait until the very last moment to dive. Rafa Benitez often orders his keepers to study penalty taking opponents and it would be no surprise if the Napoli coach or his back room staff were responsible for this save.