Mario Balotelli defends Sulley Muntari after Lega Nord politician makes joke about Milan man

Sulley Muntari was the subject of a Facebook post from a Lega Nord politician last weekend, which has sparked some dismay and controversy among Italy’s immigrant community.

Lega Nord is Italy’s primary right-wing party, notorious for espousing a staunch nationalist message, which generally doesn’t encompass Italy’s growing immigrant community.

Lega Nord politician Matteo Salvini tried to clarify the party’s position on immigrants with an irreverant Facebook post last weekend, writing:

‘Immigrants who work well are welcome in the country. So Muntari should go back to his own country.’

When Balotelli caught wind of the post he was outraged, and took to Instagram to vent his rage at the Lega Nord politician for speaking so poorly of his former Milan teammate.

Balotelli, as a black Italian whose been subjected to terrible racist abuse both inside and outside Italian football, wrote:

‘Is this person serious saying things like this?! And he’s a politician! You’d be better off voting for me in that case.’

The Lega Nord politician has since come out and said it was just a joke, and that millionaire footballers should be able to afford a sense of humour.

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