Marcelo & David Luiz send funny Instagram message to Michael Essien, speaking English and French (Luiz)

As now happens rather often in the interwoven and overlapping world of international football, many current teammates will have played with a mutual former teammate in the past.

That’s the case with Brazil’s Marcelo and David Luiz, who’ve both played with Michael Essien, the former at Real Madrid, the latter at Chelsea.

And the Brazilian pair clearly hold fond memories of ‘Le Bison’, sending him a lovely Instagram message from their World Cup camp.

Marcelo opens up in (very impressive!) English, calling him ‘Big Mike’, and passes him over to David Luiz, who starts speaking in passable French (preparing for his Pareee sojourn), before going off on a mad David Luiz moment, pulling crazy faces and sticking his tongue out.

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Michael Essien