Marca goes to war with Real Madrid: The mutiny against Mourinho is true, Marca does not lie!

It’s all out war in Madrid this Friday.

It all started 24 hours ago.

On Thursday morning Madrid’s leading newspaper Marca splashed the news that senior Los Blancos stars Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso told Real president Florentino Perez that either Jose Mourinho leaves the Santiago Bernabeu at the end of the season or they’ll quit.

That sparked a frantic response from the head honchos at the Santiago Bernabeu.

At lunchtime on Thursday, Real president Florentino Perez called a press conference to confront the mutiny allegations head-on. In short, Perez called out Marca as straight-up liars. Perez stood up in front of the rolling cameras to state:

I am breaking my rule of not talking about the day-to-day of the club in order to say that it is absolutely false. There no ultimatum nor anything or the sort. What has been said is not true. I think this is very serious and because of that seriousness I have decided to defend the club. Things [like this] have happened numerous times. This is the last time.

There were four of us [at the meal]. Myself and the director-general, who is here. The other two have names and faces. It’s not hard to speak to them to check the story. Why has no one called us? If they had called us to check it we would have said it was false. It seems that publishing the story was more important than it being true. I know what I am saying is hard but an ethical line has been crossed.

Watch Florentino Perez’s interview below.

Now, however, Marca have hit back at the accusation that they fabricated a story. Taking no prisoners, Marca’s front page on Friday read “Marca No Miente” – “Marca Does Not Lie”.

Marca have defended their article claiming that the mutiny is true, and text messages with a Real Madrid whistle-blowing player proves that the paper is telling the true.

A screengrab of Marca’s attention-grabbing front page & inside article can be seen below.