Marca compare Andres Iniesta to Oliver Atom in Video

 “I received the photo and know it has been spreading on the internet. There are curious moments that can occur in matches, these comparisons are funny. Being marked like this is a source of satisfaction because it means the opponents respect me.” – Andres Iniesta.

Two pictures have been doing the rounds from Group C of Euro 2012 of Andres Iniesta surrounded by Italian and Croatian defenders.

So much so, that comparisons have been made with Diego Maradona at the 1986 World Cup as well as a rather famous cartoon character.

Oliver Atom is the star of a long running Japanese football animation series titled “Captain Tsubasa” as well as “Flash Kicker.”

The star of the Japanese team featured in the cartoon is Tsubasa Oozora, known as Oliver Atom in Spain, and he performs often stylish implausible feats on the pitch.

Sound familiar?

Iniesta has undoubtedly lit up Euro 2012 and would walk into any of the now forthcoming best XIs from the Group Stages. The video below also includes the Barcelona playmaker’s World Cup winning goal two years ago.

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