Nutter! Diego Maradona kicked a photographer & threw stones at paparazzi on Argentina return

Diego Maradona returned to Argentina on Wednesday night, but his journey was far from smooth and comfortable.

Maradona was returning to his homeland to finally meet his newborn son Diego Fernando, who was born three months ago to his former partner Veronica Ojeda, but Diego’s return was chaotic and a little bit violent.

According to reports, trouble started for Maradona on the flight to Buenos Aires from Dubai as he reportedly got into a verbal spat with another passenger who was said to have offered him diet pills.

Once Maradona touched down, matters only worsened for the footballing god.

Diego was forced to walk through the main exit at the airport as his new girlfriend, Rocio Oliva, failed to receive security clearance to leave the facility through the back doors. That meant that Diego walked into a massive hyped atmosphere of frenzied journalists, which in turn lead to scuffles.

Maradona was accused of ordering bodyguards to manhandle photographers amid the mayhem, while the craziness was then stepped up a notch during Maradona’s car ride home from the airport.

On his journey home Diego stopped his vehicle to throw stones at trailing paparazzi whilst he was also snapped kicking a journalist in the groin (see above).

Footage of the crazy scrum at Buenos Aires on Maradona’s arrival, plus footage of Diego throwing stones at paparazzi, can be seen on the videos below.