Manchester United’s Memphis Depay is not a fan of the Non-Celebration against former clubs

The ‘non-celebration against former clubs’ is very much in vogue these days.

It’s not clear exactly when it started, but it is quite a recent football phenomenon.

It goes like this: a player scores upon returning to play against his former club, but instead of wheeling away in celebration, he instead walks back to the centre circle wearing a po-faced expression.

Alvaro Morata was a classic case last season: the former Real Madrid academy player scored for Juventus against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final, but instead of celebrating, chose to show a sign of respect to his former employers, and bowed his head sullenly.

Memphis Depay is not a fan of this phenomenon.

Speaking ahead of his return to former club PSV tonight, the Manchester United man said that if he scores, he’ll have no qualms about celebrating.

That said, simply scoring a goal should be enough for Memphis to worry about right now, never mind the celebration…