Manchester United’s Juan Mata: ‘Louis van Gaal is a good man, and a great manager’ [Video]

Speaking after the midweek win over LA Galaxy, Juan Mata spoke of how impressed he’s been by new Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal.

Mata said he’s been impressed not just with Van Gaal’s managerial skills, but also his human values:

‘He’s good, very good, both on and off the pitch. 

I think he’s a good man, and obviously a great manager.

Mata added that the lingua franca with Van Gaal is English, no speaking ones’ native language within international cliques.

Mata also said that Van Gaal’s forthright approach is a big positive, saying:

‘He’s very honest, he’s straight, he tells players what he thinks to their face, and that’s good, it’s the perfect way to do it.’

On the 7-0 win over the Galaxy, Mata spoke about the shift in tactics under Van Gaal:

The truth is we are trying to play with a new system. I don’t know how much time it takes – maybe one month or two but the most important thing is to believe in what we do.

Mata also added (not on the video):

“For me personally if I play behind the two strikers it’s a good position. I can look for the ball. I feel comfortable in this role.

“This system can be very dangerous. But you have to communicate and co-ordinate.”