Manchester United’s Instagram announce return of Marouane Fellaini, post flooded with negative comments

Maroaune Fellaini has become the forgotten man at Old Trafford.

The Afr0-haired Belgian has been in and out, in and out due to recurring niggling injuries, and his United career is yet to really get going in any serious way.

And call them fickle, impatient, or realistic, but judging by the club’s social media following, many United fans appear to have already written Fellaini off.

No sooner had the club announced his return to training via Instagram than the picture was inundated with negative comment bashing Screech, with comments such as:

‘Pull your fucking finger out now Fellaini’

‘This guy is a gimmick. Moyes tried to say that fellaini has the best chest control in the game. Who cares when he is crap at everything else. Him and cleverly drive me up the wall.’

To be fair, some less impatient United fans expressed positive feelings, saying they were looking forward to his return, but the overwhelming majority were negative towards Fellaini.